Peace, security and easy access to your new home

Electronic door lockCongratulations on buying that new home. It was tougher to find your dream home than you thought, wasn’t it? Now that you have been successful after probably months of searching all the home for sale in Panama City, there is one thing that you really need to do… Change the locks. There is no telling how many people had keys to the home under the previous owner and though that owner may have trusted them, you need to have better security on your new home.

One way to give you that peace of mind is to install an electronic push button lock. With a push button deadbolt lock that automatically locks itself after a few seconds, you never have to wonder if you remembered to lock the door. Plus, you can create an extra code for temporary use when you need to grant access to the cat sitter! At any time you can reprogram your personal code or the temp code. How sweet is that?! Spend a little more and you can get locks you can control over the internet. Pair that with a security camera and you can see right there on your phone, who you are about to let into your home. Rest easy, your home is secure and you have total control over who is coming in that door!