Real Estate is still on the rise in Bay County

Reviewing the Summary Statistics of Single Family Home Sales in Bay County for March shows a very positive upward trend in the major categories, as compared to last year and you are seeing them on our web site first! This report has not even been distributed by the local Realtor® association yet. Let’s review a couple of the highlights. Last year our area sold 258 homes, but this year is jumped to 304. That is an increase of 17.8%. The Median Sale Price was almost $30,000 higher this year and the Average Sale Price was up over $45,000! The homes even got under contract faster. Buyers should get aggressive in trying to find that dream home. It appears, “If you snooze, you lose”, is really playing a role in today’s market. Fair priced homes are snapped up quick in this market and June and July are traditionally the highest sales months, but the inventory of homes for sale is over 10% lower than last year. There is less competition for the current homes, than you will be up against a couple more months down the road. Call us today and let us set up and automated search using your criteria. You will receive daily email only if something new comes on the market or the price changes on an existing match. Click here if you would like to see the full 10 page report. And be sure to check back next month for the newest report.